GENRE: Rock, Pop Rock, AOR, Melodic Rock

The greatest melodic rock band to never make it out of the 80's!
With influences like Journey, Dokken, TNT, Survivor, Night Ranger, Toto and even modern day European melodic rock bands like W.E.T. and Eclipse, E19 loves melodies, melodies, melodies and a huge catchy hook, and chunky melodic guitar solos.  The chicks will love the tunes, and the guys will love the musicianship.  
E19 are five guys from New York that, somehow, never left the 1980's. They still have their teased up big hair and still wear the same clothes that they did 30 years ago at their club shows and prom gigs, but now having a slightly harder time fitting into them. Never landing a big record deal, they still believe that someday they will be discovered and be the biggest band ever... again. 
Actually it's Gary Schutt's early, unused song catalog!
The band is named after the practice room at Berklee that, for some reason, was popular with all the metal bands, having the nickname "Metal E19". Schutt started writing original compositions about 1984 and initially recording ideas from cassette to cassette deck then eventually recording and performing all the instruments in his parent's basement on a 4-track recorder, and well into and after his stay at Berklee College of Music.