GENRE: Hard Rock, Modern Melodic Heavy Rock 

          PANIC FIRE (taken from a Gary Schutt song title) is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Gary Schutt.  Having been a solo artist for nearly 20 years, a change was welcomed.  Now under the band name, the hopes of a new beginning are underway. 

          The musical style is heavy rock with elements of pop and progressive metal.  Very guitar driven riffs and super catchy vocal hooks along with hard and tight bass and drum grooves.  It's very hard to say who they sound like because they don't sound like anybody, in a world where nothing is groundbreaking or completely original anymore.   But the songwriting influences might be heard... Extreme, Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, King's X, Alice In Chains, Rush, Foo Fighters, Chevelle, Sevendust, Dream Theater, Freak Kitchen just to name a few.